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Tigerlily gives sound to memories in new single "Lisbon"

New York’s tigerlily delivers in her latest single, “Lisbon,” the midsummer skip of the heart that keeps one warm through the winter: with a tasteful and intricate guitar lead, synth embellishments like geysers, and the perfect slow rhythm the pop song radiates heat. The soft vocal adds a serenity that completes the picture of fond memory, one that is so well-imagined in the new lyric music video for the song. “Lisbon” is the grainy film of memories so sweet and persistent.

The lyric video for “Lisbon” ties the struggle of love tumultuous with the beautiful panoramas that summer days offer, each shot presenting calm places, against lyrics that showcase the raging and eternal battle between heart and mind. Mellow and repeat-button ready, “Lisbon” adds its color onto the canvas of pop summer hits, and the shade suits the painting well. From the rain-soaked streets of Seattle to the concrete jungle on New York, tigerlily is clearly making memories and giving them sonic life.

Tigerlily tells us exclusively, “I wrote ‘Lisbon’ after a road trip down the coast of Portugal with a boy I fell for studying abroad in high school. I finally told him how I felt, and he basically told me he’d never feel the same. I was reading a poetry book on the flight back to New York City, knowing we were over when I read the line, ‘Hay historias que no acaban nunca y personas que siempre serán eternas’ - there are histories that never end and people who will forever be eternal. I knew then I was going to write this song because the memories were too beautiful to be forgotten.” Indeed some memories live forever among the many panoramas of life, keeping us warm during the coldest of times.

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