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Matte Black reveals the light within the darkness in “Pure”

San Diego, California electronic trio Matte Black unleashes their futuristic debut single “Pure.” Conceived during the era of COVID-19, the mesmerizingly moody track takes listeners on a unique sonic journey through its driving beats, intense melodies and eerie vocals.  he single highlights the emotional rollercoaster and consequent behaviors that result from toxic relationships.  Gonzales confides, "Pure is a song about codependency, love, echolalia and insanity. We all know someone going through this or often find ourselves repeating the same behavioral patterns, leading us to selfishness, lust, heartbreak and addictions. The song does cover a little basis on self awareness and enlightenment." 


The three-piece composed of Alex Gonzales, Bidi Cobra, and Daniel Corrales has been friends since middle school.  Each becoming successful with other musical endeavors, they decided to create their own project together after knowing each other so well on stage and off for years.  The result is a captivating Depeche Mode meets underground techno project with hints of industrial rock. 

“Pure” is off of their debut album I’m Waving, Not Drowning which is set for release this coming fall.  Check out the pulsating sounds of “Pure” now and get excited for what's next. 

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