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Sizzy Rocket shows off her vulnerable side in new single, "Rollerskating"

Characterizing herself as the "cool best friend you wish you had growing up", Sizzy Rocket may be a lot of things, but afraid to speak her mind is not one of them. The Las Vegas native turned New York pop punk enthusiast has steadily built up an artistic platform for sexual empowerment, dressed up in frank lyrics and evocative videos, ever since her raucous debut in 2016. While she has become known for overt innuendos and heavy hooks, "Rollerskating"—her newest single—reveals a side of her not often seen in her music, but oh-so refreshing to hear. 

Swimming in a pop production made for a windows-down drive through softly lit boulevards, "Rollerskating" takes its time in getting to know you. While her more recent singles, "Smells Like Sex", and "That Bitch" revelled in fast-paced verses and unrelenting bass beats, this one feels eager to show off its unfiltered, no-makeup look. A punchy, pounding beat keeps her in time as she tenderly coos her growing adoration, a tender guitar note brushing over her wary vocals ever so slightly.

Having written for other notable pop acts (Noah Cyrus, Bea Miller), the ease and flow of her songwriting come as no surprise, yet the lyrics to "Rollerskating" feel different. Her smouldering boss attitude is replaced with a multitude of emotions based in fear, doubt, gratitude, and eventually, love. There is no rose-colored poetry to it, no cotton candy confessions, just a vulnerable woman opening up and letting you in for the ride. 

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Alt-Pop · Indie Pop


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