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Pop songstress Jenny March is done chasing "November Nights" [Video]

Ohio-born, Los Angeles-based songstress Jenny March has always allowed her music to serve as an open book to her life. Fans can navigate through life's issues and struggles alongside the transparency of her honest songwriting. Her latest track “November Nights” is a multi-layered pop track featuring passion-driven vocal melodies that deal with realizing unhealthy relationships and moving past them. This new release also serves as the first single off her forthcoming 2020 EP. 

March's passionate vocals carry the rhythm of the track effortlessly from start to finish. The song moves delicately leaving room for the vulnerability of her message. Much like the personal nature of her music, March is doesn't shy away from allowing her voice to take charge rather than be drowned out by another overproduced dance hit. No bells and whistles. Right off the bat, a few light string guitar melodies lead March's confessional vocals right to the center stage. Her fervent delivery maintains that center spotlight through the catchy chorus, downtempo piano outro, and finally, erupts alongside the climax of heavy production in the end. Not only is "November Nights" an unavoidable earworm of a pop track but it's masterful in the way it balances a simple melody with the purity of its emotional honesty.

"It was an enjoyably cathartic process," shared March. "I wrote this song with Jayden Gray, who also produced the track. At the start of the session we kind of just talked about things going on in my life as well as past experiences, which is something I love to do in every session if I don’t go in already knowing what I want to write about. We talked about current and past relationships of mine, and we ended up writing “November Nights” about being so crazy in love (a dark love), having really high moments and sometimes very low moments."

Much of March's music is unmistakably about her."Writing this song helped me realize I need to let go of some bad relationship habits," continues March. "They weren’t helping me get what I want, which is a happy, loving and loyal relationship. Jayden started playing some chords on piano and then I started humming melodies and writing lyrics and we built the song up from there." This personal songwriting style matched with immaculate production is something current fans have come to expect and why so many more continue to gravitate towards March. Each track is an eavesdrop into how March works through many issues and ideas that we all deal with. "Writing this song helped me understand how I‘ve been naive and that I haven’t always made the best choices for myself," shares March. "I ultimately don’t regret any of it because it’s all a learning experience and I was supposed to go through it to learn this about myself, but it was a really fulfilling process creating this song."

"I hope that people understand it’s ok to make the wrong decisions in love because in the end, it only helps you understand what‘s best for you," shares March. "I hope people take this fun track and relate to it in their own personal way, but I understand that it might not and that’s ok too."

Beyond being catchy to listen to, Jenny March commands attention through her raw and emotionally-driven songwriting. In her own words, "I make music to make people feel, to inspire them, and to start up conversations, and hopefully, this song has that effect on some!" Well, it's certainly had that effect on us!

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