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Goldroom is tired of the party scene in "Guess I'm Jaded"

LA-based singer and producer Josh Legg, or Goldroom, isn’t new to the music scene. With more than half a million monthly listeners, he has racked up more than 30 million streams on Spotify.  He just released his sophomore album Plunge /\ Surface back in November 2019. Now, Goldroom returns with his newest track “Guess I’m Jaded” on July 9th.

Even though the song refers to the aloof attitude someone can eventually grow towards parties, the song still sounds like something one might here at one. The track starts out with a captivating drum beat, leading right into an edgy guitar riff. Its psychedelic and funky elements will have everyone getting up off their seats.

Along with providing the vocals, three-piece electronica group Moontower helped write the song. There’s a bounce in their vocals as they harmonize, “A little too anxious. This place has got me feeling frustrated. Everybody here looks amazing.” The track explores the lackluster of large parties. The recklessness and shenanigans become repetitive so much that one longs for the substance and intimacy of close friends. During this time of quarantine, the song hits even closer to home.

Goldroom reminisced over the songwriting process with the band before separating off into quarantine. He expressed, "I can remember the looseness and fun of that session though. It feels both like yesterday and like 2 years ago, the five of us in a cramped room, singing about packed parties and wishing to get some time to spend alone with loved ones. Careful what you wish for..."

Rocking out to this song at a party may be in the unforeseeable future. For now, though, fans can dance in the comfort of their homes or relax in the sun to match the zealous vibe of the song.

Listen to “Guess I’m Jaded” out July 9th via Minerva Records.

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