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Carly and Martina share their story of heartache in “Your Song”

Teenage twins Carly and Martina are powerful musical forces with a profound message. Aiming to inject confidence to listeners through their captivating releases, they gained a large and loyal fan base through joy for their craft and immense optimism. Carly and Martina’s latest release “Your Song” showcases lush, layered vocals and intoxicating melodies. A tale of teen heartbreak, the track emits wistful, nostalgic vibes even featuring the sonic elements of mixtape clicks.    

 Carly and Martina’s love for music came at an early age as both were classically trained since they were four. Continuing to craft a remarkable career, they have collaborated with prolific songwriters such as Victoria Shaw (Garth Brooks, Christina Aguilera) and Big Al Anderson (Zac Brown Band, Tim McGraw).  The duo also conducted a TedxTalk about how their music inspires self-assurance in others. Known for their infectious brand of playful pop yet not restrained by genres, their energetic charisma and steadfast drive have made them a true asset to today’s musical climate. 

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