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Alt-pop duo CUTTS pay homage to lost experiences on new track "All My Life"

Brooklyn-based, alternative-pop duo CUTTS – consisting of Lillian Cutts and Peter Bonaventure – make music that’s simple on the surface yet deeply layered in the stories it explores. New single “All My Life”, is a soft, sweet ballad that is purely encompassed in love.

Known for exploring the darker sides of romance, this stripped-back love song is a sonic and lyrical departure from CUTTS’ usual offerings, inspired by the engagement of Lillian’s twin sister.  Written to serve as the song for her sister’s first dance, the track is a minimalistic slice of electro-pop which laments the experiences and memories lost to the current global situation through soulful melodies of layered emotion.

With wistful and introspective undertones, the poignant offering is rooted in the intoxicating allure of romance pulling you towards the person you love.

Their unique brand of baroque pop rings clear with the nuanced lyrical ability of a group far beyond their years. Delving into the melancholic loneliness of time spent away from love, the track combines poetic lyrics – “Green lights ,Fast cars/ Dives and the wine bars / All the times / All the nights / Spent drinking for two”– with a hazy, dream-like soundscape.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the warm and tender track,  writer/vocalist Lillian says : “ No one is closer to me than my sister, and when she told me they didn't have a song for their first dance, we figured we would just write them their own. I wanted to give her something special to commemorate that moment. Like many other things, her wedding won’t happen this year. But  I like to think that down the road they will listen to it and be brought back to that first dance.In what has been one of the darkest times we have seen I hope this can be a light to her and anyone else who is missing a little peace.”

Producer/writer, Peter Bonaventure adds : "I think part of what makes love and marriage and all that so beautiful is how rare it is. I can personally attest to many nights spent on long drives or in dingy bars fantasizing about that feeling. It's an unfortunate cliché, but who hasn't done that? I feel like if you want to talk about how great something like love is, the best way to do that is to show how empty life can be without it."

Since forming in 2017, CUTTS have gone on to gain a reputation for their pairing of ethereal electronic sounds and vivid lyrical imagery. Following their string of successful releases in 2019, "Be Bad," "Waiting," "Breathe" and "Honey," CUTTS’ newest single builds on their established back catalogue to hone their craft even further.

Intimate and expansive all at once, “ All My Life”  is an earworm melody, with a heart-warming backstory and genuine purpose.

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