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Hania’s “Asleep” is a modern anthem with a classic sound

Singer-songwriter Hania continues to deliver new music throughout 2020, despite the year's obvious difficulties. Following the release of her whimsical ballad, “Hollywood,” the artist has dropped her latest single, “Asleep.” The nostalgic pop track is an ode to Summer flings and long nights of short-lived romance. The song highlights Hania’s pure vocals and sensual allure, acting as a first glimpse into her upcoming EP scheduled to release later this year.

“Asleep” takes the listener back in time to an '80s dance or house party and the euphoria of young love. The retro electronic beat could easily become a mainstream hit all on its own, but Hania’s sound adds a layer of uniqueness. Her voice begins with a soft melodic tone and flawlessly transitions into higher notes to match the beat’s fade-outs. Her vocals blend perfectly into the rhythm along with the modern synths and drums.

This track shows Hania’s appreciation for classic styles and her adaptive singing talent. Fans have heard her wide range of vocals and storytelling lyricism, but “Asleep” shows her radio-worthy presence. The single possesses the foundation of a successful pop song but shines the spotlight on the singer’s versatility. While music fans sometimes associate a catchy release as an easy attempt to achieve chart-topping fame, Hania’s “Asleep” demonstrates her experienced ear and authentic creativity.

Connect with Hania: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

80's · Pop


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