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J. Chambers calls for more equality in the world in new release "Kill The Noise"

The Black Lives Matter movement has been stronger than ever in recent weeks, following the horrendous killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. The tragic and horrifying events that took place, ultimately lead to incredible worldwide support for the BLM movement. UK Rapper J.Chambers took to the booth to give his own thoughts on the current racial inequalities faced in the UK with his new joint "Kill The Noise".

The main theme of the track centres around the Windrush Scandal, and how the UK is far from perfect when it comes to equality. It's clear that Chambers feels it's time for change, as he raps “same system, same pain, different chains though the fight still remains, use your voice be the change”, with hope in his voice. The uptempo instrumental offers a great backdrop for Jay's words to be heard, and the chorus is embedded in Reggae roots.

"Kill The Noise" is a song of reason and hope, at a time where it's needed most. Chambers manages to articulate all of his thoughts and feelings so very well throughout, and this song could just educate a few people.

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