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Temptress overcome struggles on the saccharine "Baby Blue"

Dripping with sultry R&B vocals, London-based duo Temptress share their latest single "Baby Blue."  Laced with delicate rhythms, the single is a calming, saccharine number showcasing the duo's inimitable creativity.

Reminding us that it's okay to ask for help, the track opens our minds with its warm tones and bright sonics. Enhanced with dark pop traits and with hints of hip-hop underscored throughout, "Baby Blue" draws in its listener and leaves them with the beginning of a new mindset. Getting lost within its dreamy melodies, the track swaddles you with insight into life on the other side of anxiety.

"'Baby Blue' is about acknowledging your sadness, after suffering from anxiety for so many years," explains Temptress. "This is a way of opening up about the struggles I’ve had and reflecting on my past that lead me to where I am now. It’s about saying I need help and I’m ready to move forward, its okay to be sad and how talking openly can help you come to terms with those thoughts and feelings."

"Baby Blue" is out now. 

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R&B · U.K.


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