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Nilo Blues releases groovy single, “Chico”

Vietnamese-Canadian rapper, Nilo Blues’ latest release, “Chico” is a staple for summertime playlists. The charisma of the steady R&B-inspired beat takes the listener back to a laid-back afternoon cookout or even the youthful memories of driving around the city with some close friends. Nilo Blues’ unique combination of smooth vocals and structured bars embeds itself as an ear worm in our head.

The female protagonist provides the underlying theme of lust and desire. The artist raps, “It can be yours if you want it, spoken like a true queen.” The adventure of a summer fling is the recipe for captivating entertainment. Nilo Blues’ sensual voice and genre bending sound is reminiscent of The Weekend. His artistry touches on the soulfulness of R&B, the simplicity of pop, and the swagger of hip hop.

When asked about the creative process behind “Chico,” the artist shared that the idea arose from a friend’s dog. A Chihuahua named Chico with luxurious taste and a crime lord lifestyle, falling for its ride or die lover is the inspiration for the single. Nilo Blues describes his thought process, “I can just picture young Chico falling in love with Griselda Blanco or some wild shit and this song is their montage music.” This uncanny approach is the creativity that fans appreciate. Nilo Blues shows us that inspiration can be found from random places and used for a relatable bop.

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