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Max Leone gets honest about drifting from friends who are "Malleable"

Music often holds its power in nostalgia. Whether it fosters a longing for old friendships, your teenage years, or a relationship you've only ever dreamt about, there's a similar semblance of sentimentality that sticks with you long after the song is over. On Max Leone's new single, "Malleable," that is very much the case.

The song begins with delicate finger picked guitar, which is only enhanced by the faint crackling of a vinyl record that accompanies it. During the first verse, Leone sets the scene, "Postcard to a new friend / Nice to see you again / Looks like social climbin' / From the place that I stand." By the time we get to the chorus we know that the song is examining a friendship that has taken a turn for the worse. 

When the beat drops after the first chorus, the intensity of the frustration and disappointment Leone is conveying is amplified. The addition of sharp synths and punchy percussion leave you hanging on every word. When Leone starts to hum the outro we are now in a place of self reflection, reminiscent of friendships that have run their course. Leone's ability to be vulnerable while being deliberate in his message and evoking a similar feeling from his listeners is what has cemented him as an artist on the rise. Having signed to Darkroom Records earlier this year we are excited to see what Leone has up his sleeve next.  

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Alt-Pop · Dreampop · Pop


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