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‘Nuke Wave’ band Monograms drops “American Dreamz” ahead of new album

Brooklyn-based artist Ian Jacobs is the face behind self-proclaimed ‘Nuke Wave’ band Monograms. His new album Only A Ceiling Can Stay Inside Forever comes out July 31st. To give us a peek at what to expect, he has released the track “American Dreamz.”

The track starts out with a thrilling, relentless bassline and stifled guitar. Jacobs’ vocals give off an echo, which resonates when Jacobs sings, “And I wish I’ll compromise until the river runs dry. This land is your land, but it’s not mine.” These elements come together with a vibrant, sinister synth to create a powerful chorus. There’s a mix of dark electropop and a sound reminiscent of Joy Division. It all sounds apocalyptic, very fitting with today’s time.

Monograms spoke out about the track, declaring, “Injustices, divisiveness, the natural order of things feels almost upside-down right now. Writing this song, I kept thinking about our dark, checkered past which it seems we're still living in. That history is right now. I love living here, but a lot of these darker truths should be put into the proper spotlight so they can be addressed. And for me, music is a good coping mechanism when the world just doesn't make any sense. Crazy dayz here in the USA today.”

Fans can expect more of this sound from Monograms, in which there’s a variety of 70s new wave, 80s synth, while also some acoustic guitar. However, even in the more upbeat tracks, there still lingers an ominous atmosphere that sets Monograms apart. Plus, all the proceeds made from purchases for “American Dreamz” this Friday through Sunday (July 3-5) will be donated to Know Your Rights, which you can learn about here and donate to here. So, you can listen to an amazing song and do so for a good cause.

Catch Monograms when their album Only A Ceiling Can Stay Inside Forever comes out July 31st via Papercup Music.

Connect with Monograms: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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