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Lindon finds "Closure" in latest release [Visual]

Hip-hop artist Lindon releases a new visual to his single "Closure." Through a storytelling delivery, he leaves listeners in a deep pensive state of self-reflection. 
Lindon's exceptional storytelling abilities were evident in previous singles like "Love More" and "Queen." His powerful messages shine through thought-provoking lyricism penned into every song he writes. "Closure" is no different.  Through clever wordplay, he exposes the pain that comes with betrayal and broken promises. Being unafraid of his vulnerability, his emotions spill through the smooth hi-hop delivery. The production behind the release only amplifies the intensity of "Closure" as unique melodies help create an elusive and dreamy environment for Lindon. The light beats help accentuate his stronger voice as it evokes emotions that leave listeners reflecting on what's real in our life and what's not. Press play, break all the illusions, and give yourself closure. Don't want on someone else to give it to you. 
Connect with Lindon: Instagram | Spotify 


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