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Jon Swaii releases new intriguing single "By My Side"

Bronx artist Jon Swaii drops new hypnotizing single "By My Side." Delivering an interesting and graceful song to everyone, he shows that he isn't afraid to expose his rawness either. 

Jon Swaii has been dropping songs one after the other quite frequently. Being heavily involved in issues regarding social injustice, he has spent most of his time dropping tracks like "No More Hashtags," which addresses the killing of George Floyd (Rest in Power). "By My Side" is another type of song that displays Swaii's versatility. Sonically, the sounds feel like a beautiful summer day. With light and dream-like beats, we are automatically placed in a fairy tale. However, with the strength in the projection while delivering a raw message, he shakes up the room and quickly brings us back to reality. Talking with conviction and through powerful lyrics, this song exudes the perfect balance of gentleness yet strength, shattering the illusion of love and bringing out the truth of it. Through the music, he intelligently depicts the contrast between the light and the dark in a beautiful way. Press play and feel the roller coaster of emotions that love brings. 
Connect with Jon Swaii: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 


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