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Sara Diamond shines on "Nov 16th"

From Montreal to the world, Sara Diamond's authentic take on pop harbours a true sense of soul, in both style and substance. Her releases thus far this year have syphoned timeless songwriting aesthetics coupled with some R&B nostalgia, through her distinctly contemporary pop lens, with "Nov 16" continuing that theme.

The song embarks with a hypnotic loop of vocal layers, a precursor to the sparsely populated verses. With the focus of the track dutifully on her soaring vocal, the verses are solely underpinned by a uniquely left-of-centre staccato melody. This, in essence, performs as a double bluff for the chorus, which suddenly switches gears into a soulful halftime strut, with the aforementioned vocal layers returning to gently lap at your ears.

All in all, this song represents a dream state”, Sara details in an email statement. “Given the times that we are in, I hope it can provide people with some solace, with a renewed sense of hope and purpose, and with the drive to fight for what they believe in.”

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