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Ginger Root demonstrates his ping pong skills in “Out of State” music video

Cameron Lew, a.k.a. Ginger Root, releases his new single "Out of State" with an accompanying video ahead of his upcoming album, Rikki, set to release this fall. 

Lew describes his own music as “Aggressive Elevator Soul.” His description may sound confusing, but if one really listens, it's clear what he means. Ginger Root makes powerful, chill keyboard-based sounds. He defies the phrase "elevator music," reviving it with new life. 

After just one listen, “Out of State” should already be in your summer playlists. A bedroom pop sound comprised of a funky bass line, bright synths, and a snappy snare. It’s easy to play it on loop and listen for hours. "Out of State" has more of a relaxed sound compared to his other work. The vocals blend with beat rather than overpower it. There is less use of the cymbal and guitar, allowing the song to expand from a jazz/rock sound and become more atmospheric pop. 

Despite its upbeat sound, Lew sings about feeling lost without someone being by your side. At the same time, he questions if he's always been destined to feel “out of place”? The vocals echo, which evokes thoughts of isolation, but also chimes merrily through the ears.

Not only does Ginger Root write these groovy tunes, but he also directs and edits his music videos. Each always contains stunning cinematography as well as an enjoyable, eccentric storyline.

For “Out of State”, we see Ginger Root’s quest to beat a table tennis ball launcher. Lew wrote in the video’s description, “Having trained in martial arts for most of my childhood, and having a grandfather that competed in local table tennis tournaments, I wanted to combine the two in form of a music video that also paid homage to the many Kung Fu movies I watched growing up.” This statement only proves more that Ginger Root enjoys putting his own spin on things that might otherwise get lost in time. He ends up with a refreshing and timeless product.

Be sure to listen to his upcoming album Rikki, when it comes out this fall.

Connect with Ginger Root: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Bandcamp

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