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ZEBEDE release absorbing new single "L.M.E."

Rising London five-piece ZEBEDE only released its debut self-titled EP in 2019, but their new material is an early indication they have an undeniably promising future. Their latest single “L.M.E.,” out now on Frtyfve Records, is an engrossing, effervescent track that showcases the band’s stellar talents and delightfully eclectic sound.

“L.M.E.” stands for “love me enough,” a sentiment that underscores much of the lyrical content that explores both the magic and danger that can result from an all-encompassing relationship. Vocalist Leah Cleaver offers up some delectable melodies in a style reminiscent of Hiatus Kaiyote’s Nai Palm. Cleaver certainly carves out her own unique style, though, particularly in the irresistibly catchy hooks that she enhances with continual variation throughout the track.

Just as “L.M.E.” was composed as a group effort, its effectiveness wouldn’t be what it is without the rest of the band. The group shows tasteful musicality in the performances as well as the song’s sophisticated and unpredictable arrangement that grips the listener’s attention throughout. Their chemistry appears effortless and each musician gets their own moments of individual flashes while supporting Cleaver’s lead lines. For a relatively new band, “L.M.E.” packs a serious punch that should help ZEBEDE ascend into wider recognition.

"L.M.E." is available to stream or download here.

Connect with ZEBEDE: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

Alt-Pop · Feature · Neo-Soul · R&B · U.K.


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