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Step into the multiverse with Estebahn's 'Circular System'

I've always loved the releases on Geneva's Brainwaves. Circular System is no different, with cut-your-teeth electro grit from one of the label's head honchos: Estebahn. In 5 tracks, one of which is a remix by Solid Blake, the EP swims through a vortex of muffled breaks, manipulated vocal samples and slippery IDM. 

"Odessa" is the first track of the EP. Insofar as acid-techno goes, it's quite a humble and soft take on the usually ear-piercing genre. Evidently, while squelching snares dominate, the acid-synth lines flutter smoothly over the track in a dreamlike haze. The haze turns into gloom, however, in the second track of the EP: "The Northern Line". In this track, an ominous drone crescendos in and out and dictates the mood to be sullen. At the same time, an amphibian bass synth-line suggests the track could morph into DJ Normal 4's "Kalaidoka" at any moment. Perhaps in another segment of the multiverse.  

In this universe, the third track "Himsagar" tricks the agent with an ostensibly downtempo introduction. Unsurprisingly, the track quickly reaches the same 160-BPM frenzy set as a beacon in previous tracks. With a background of subdued hard-hitting breaks, vocal-chops are scattered throughout the track, ready for play under a murky bridge. 

The fourth track, while already dance-ready,  is turned into a poignant rave cut in the concluding track "This Rock: Solid Blake Remix". Part of Aperion Crew, which also features Mama Snake, Solid Blake has mastered the art of electro. Her remix hones in on a trip-hop bass kick drum with a digi-flute hook. Estebahn's production combined with Solid Blake's remix cements the EP as a miasma of heart-pounding releases. 

Of course, it'd be amiss to not include the comments of Brian - their resident alien - on Circular System: 


...This planet is bizarre..."

Brian perfectly sums up Circular System and the state of our current Earth. Clearly, Circular System teaches us not to take the small Swiss city for granted while reminding us that the Brainwaves crew always have more extraterrestrial electro on the way. 

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Acid · Drum and Bass · IDM


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