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Honoring George Floyd, Kemba drops 8 minute and 46 second new EP 'The World is Watching'

Bronx artist Kemba is back, dropping his new 4 track EP, The World is Watching. Purely highlighting the fight for Black lives, especially due to the current movements, Kemba leaves a lasting impression on us through his impactful words, messages, and powerful delivery. Honoring George Floyd (Rest in Power), this project is exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Additionally, all royalties are going to go to The Anti-Racism Fund. 

Kemba recently dropped "6 Million Ways," the first single off of this EP. He undeniably educated all those who listened on many topics of the injustice done and still being done to Black people. Setting the tone for the rest of the project, we all knew that we were going to expect nothing less than a masterpiece. 
The second track of the EP, "I Might Die For This While Yall Playing," is also extremely emotive. Every single word is painfully emotional, having plenty of metaphors that show the unnecessary and unjust sufferings and deaths that Black people have gone through in this country due to police brutality and systematic racism. We can feel Kemba spill the pain yet resilient fight through his soul, making us all want to follow his lead. This artist picked the perfect musical background for this track, as the beats are brilliantly mixed with people's voices as they march and fight for the freedom that they should already possess. Turning his anger into positive action and being fully vehement about change, Kemba makes it clear that he is willing to die for his beliefs.
The fourth track of the album, "Stand" is yet another track that moves our spirit as Kemba addresses the problems in today's society through exceptional lyrics. Being a much sonically softer track than the other three, it still carries a strength to it, like the ocean does. As Kemba calmly sings, we hear his heart aching as he continuously releases the pain through the music and questions why his brothers and sisters have to die. He can't stand it and neither should we. Therefore, we should all stand up and fight against inequality and injustice. Black Lives Matter.
Through the art of music, Kemba definitely uses his platform to bring awareness to injustice and we are here for it. 
Connect with Kemba: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 
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