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Johnny Ashby unveils his thought-provoking new single "Born Again"

British singer-songwriter Johnny Ashby is gracing listeners with the tantalizing new release “Born Again.” Written about the strong desire for eternal life and the idea of getting a second chance. Life has its many hurdles and sometimes we don’t always have the opportunity to reach our potential and Ashby makes us think about what life might look like, if we could do it all again. 

Currently based in Los Angeles, Ashby delivers a laid-back California vibe to his music, while maintaining his love for artists such as David Bowie and Coldplay. This potent blend of warm, Americana soundscapes, haunting vocals and echoing percussion firmly marks Ashby as a songwriting force to be reckoned with. “Born Again” shimmers with organic instrumentation and celestial melodies, emanating a heartfelt, emotional release that will send shivers down your spine. Co-written and produced by the members of Grizfolk, the track pays homage to their folk-rock sound, adding raw guitars and honest, storytelling lyricism. 

Ashby speaks further on the meaning of the single, sharing in his press release, “There’s a lyric in there ‘24 forever in my mind’. I think that line speaks about being gone before your time. The recording process was all done in lockdown and it brought new meaning to the song for me. Like new beginnings and how everything kinda comes in cycles. It’s a moment of clarity in challenging times and holding on to hope when things feel impossibly tough. And I think we all need that moment of clarity right now.” 

“Born Again” is the title-track off of Ashby’s EP, due in August. 

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Photo credit: Jovanna Reyes



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