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Freak Heat Waves releases surreal swoon "Nothing Lasts Forever"

Indie-psych outfit Freak Heat Waves has just come through with a blissful new effort "Nothing Lasts Forever," a lighter, more meditative effort than their haunting previous single "Dripping Visions." The lush track comes ahead of their studio album Zap The Planet slated for release on September fourth via Telephone Explosion Records. Elegantly following up the cacophonic spell of "Dripping Visions," "Nothing Lasts Forever" is a stunning next step for the Waves, as they expand on their unique brand of neo-psychedelia in an alarmingly fun and accessible manner. It does nothing but build in anticipation for the new album coming in fall.

"Nothing Lasts Forever" is a quintessential "stop and smell the flowers" kind of track, as its slow brew is the perfect soundtrack to a summer daze or breezy bike ride. Its held together by a steadily clicking, rudimentary drum beat and a charming bassline. Both chug along smoothly while the scene beautifies and builds around them. They're later met with shimmering lead guitar lines and vibrant synth progressions, given ample time to marinate and develop organically. More importantly, the addition of each rich layer is never too ambitious or drastic; it all just feels like the appropriate next step.

Vocally, the performance is subtle, poignant, as the words guide you through the dense soundscape without demanding attention. Its clear you should hear the soft words from Freak Heat Waves, but when the instrumental is left to breathe, any quirky element can shine. "Nothing Lasts Forever" is undeniably one of the best tracks the band has ever made, and it feels effortless. You can preorder the upcoming album here.

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