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Tebi Rex proclaim "I Got My Whole" on new single

Tebi Rex are back with a more alternative style than ever before on their tongue and cheek single "I Got My Whole". 

After hitting the world with one of the best debut albums to come off the Emerald Isle last year with The Young Will Eat The Old, the boys in Tebi Rex were ready to take ver the world. Unfortunately, the world was was not ready for that. A full tour of Ireland as well as international performances at showcase festivals like SXSW were all struck from the books due to worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. 

Matt & Max took the chance to work on a new mixtape and are back giving us some new material. The boys have taken a more light hearted direction on these new tracks in comparison to thematic depth of their previous project. The first single "White Boy of the Month" was a fantastically witty track that really felt like a throwback to earlier work from the boys. 

This new single maintains the witty humour (the title itself is a play on Irish slang for having sex), and it also pushes the boundaries we expected Tebi to play within. The more alternative, brash and loud production is a welcome deviation from the expected for the Kildare duo. The piercing synths paired with live, spacious drums create an amazing backdrop for both the boys to paint vivid imagery with impressive vocal passages and lyrical verses. A true musicians dream track right here. The story of Tebi Rex has seen a steady constant rise and this only looks like it will continue through the summer and beyond 2020. 

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