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RefraQ takes us on a journey to the bassy 'Northlands'

Joe Mawson, a.k.a. RefraQ, is a young music producer and visual artist from the South West of England. His latest offering Northlands, out now via Inspected imprintfeatures a kaleidoscope of bass sounds that exemplify his otherworldly and genuinely futuristic-sounding take on electronic music.

"Plucked from the Pixie Ring" cradles our ears with raw authenticity and is absolutely the highlight track of the EP. Featuring whispery vocals, silky bass and glitch-y sound design, the track shows the producer's mastery of evocative sounds with exquisite details throughout. While "cute" and "refreshing" could be used to describe the angelic melody and other sonic elements, the underlying drums add danceability to the equation - especially in the second drop, the unexpected percussive alternation takes the entire track to the next level. Bewitching and blissful at the same time, "The Phasmid" sits on the more ambient and experimental end of the sonic spectrum. Yes there are charging percussions involved, but the undeniable sense of tranquility delivered through wheezy sub loops and twinkling notes creates a mood - calm, introspective and intelligent. 

Across four productions, RefraQ creates complex electronic arrangements that could be broadly placed under the banner of electronica, but also take in elements of broken beat, ambient, and early dubstep; the result is like folk music from another corner of the solar system. Stream or purchase the record here

Connect with RefraQ: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud 



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