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Dance-pop duo PAPER FACE debut with the euphoric "Only Love Together"

Multi-platinum and gold award-winning songwriters in their own right, the Berlin-based duo PAPER FACE are formidable. After a chance encounter at a wedding, the resounding pair introduces themselves a mere six months later with "Only Love Together," which looks to capture the essence of the euphoric, blood-pumping club culture that's fading in the rear-view mirror.


Blurring the lines between emotive pop and envelope-pushing dance, "Only Love Together" starts its journey in an almost ballad-like atmosphere. Led simply by a poignant piano and crisp vocal, the introduction of snaps, followed by trance-inspired plucks slowly raises the track's pulse towards the drop that recalls Jack Ü's emphatic crossover. Aden's history in dance, which can be seen in the video, informs this switch, giving it an irrefutable sense of movement that's sure to at the very least, get your head-bobbing until dance floors across the world reopen.

Speaking in a statement, PAPER FACE states that they "tried to capture the feeling and energy of modern-day club culture in a time where every club on planet earth is closed. We wanted to relive that feeling and picture of dancing and being at an optimum level of happiness at a party back in our minds. That‘s really all there is to it."

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