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Exploited Records releases 'Shir Khan Presents Secret Gold 12', the dance compilation for dreamers and sun-lovers alike

German label Exploited Records releases its twelfth edition of dance-floor ready house grooves for Shir Khan’s Secret Gold series. It features fresh Hamburg talent Mingo and established Kassel selectors Monolo Bronson & Zoka. Brimming with warm, up-tempo funk, the two-track compilation reminds us that European summer is soon upon us and it's time to sunscreen on up. 

Mingo’s "You Can’t Rave In A Buffalo Herd" is the first track, which begins with a filtered out call for disco-lovers to assemble. The subtle opening soon erupts into a pounding high energy number reminiscent of O'Flynn's "Tru Dancing". Commingling syncopated keys and electric guitar form the catchy hook, deeming it impossible to remain still. The vibrant finish, though, is traded for the slowed down second track "Velvet Coat" from Manolo Brown & Zoka. It boasts stripped back guitar and gentle Latin percussion while piano motifs and a guitar solo roam in the foreground. Towards the end, 80's synth stabs transform the dreamy nostalgic haze into a dancing frenzy.

Shir Khan Presents Secret Gold 12 cheerfully reminds us that born selector Shir Khan, who has been curating dance sounds for Exploited Records since 2007, has not lost any of his charm or ability to find hidden gems in dance.

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