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Ed Prosek recognizes his true self on “One Man’s Blessing”

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Ed Prosek arrives with "One Man's Blessing," the final track off his 4-track EP Flesh & Blood Part Two, also out today.

“One Man’s Blessing” is a soul-searching track serving as the vigor that holds this EP strongly together. Imbued with infectious, pristine melodies and a forbidding lyrical narrative, Prosek continues to display maturation with each release. “One Man’s Blessing” takes on a beautiful folk-infused sound as it blends electronica and brooding singer/songwriter elements to stay on a course that feels utterly distinctive. The track tackles a theme associated with credulity as Prosek provides soulful arrangements and poised vocals to give the song an even balance of dark and light.

“‘One Man’s Blessing’ is my take on the Paul Simon classic ‘One Man’s Ceiling is Another Man’s Floor," says Prosek via email. "I’ve always been amazed by the way that things I once loved gradually become unbearable. As a songwriter, I feel this whenever I hear a song I wrote years ago and it makes me cringe even though I remember how awesome I thought it was when I wrote it. It begs a question: was I childish and naive back then or am I just old and jaded now?”

In addition to "One Man's Blessing," the 4-track Flesh & Blood Part Two EP features the electronica-leaning “Killing Me,” the warm ballad “Mercy,” and the soothing “Make It Easy.”

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Electronic · Folk · Indie


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