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Poetic genius Wale describes current events as 'The Imperfect Storm' in new EP

D.C.'s very own Wale dropped a new EP titled The Imperfect Storm. Without even listening to the words, it is evident that Wale's latest project was heavily influenced by the past and current events that have taken and are taking place all across the country. This poetic genius picked the perfect day to drop this enlightened project: Juneteenth. 

Recently dropping the visual for "Sue Me," it is well-known that Wale has always been very outspoken about social injustices. I recommend everyone to go and watch that music video, as we can see the injustices that Black people have endured and still endure in this country. Through complex symbolism, Wale intelligently demonstrates how it would be like if the tables were turned and White people were in Black people's shoes. 
Opening up this EP with "MOVIN' DIFFERENT," Wale undoubtedly shows a different side of himself as he delivers lyrical mastery and elite wordplay genius. He wisely incorporates metaphors in order to highlight police brutality and systemic racism. Through the soul-gripping lyrics, he makes it clear that 2020 has proven that we all have to move differently if we want any changes to be made. The upbeat music gives us the confidence to continue striving for change, making for another perfect track to march and protest to, especially the "left, right" which is present in the catchy chorus. The uplifting beat combined with the motivational lyrics is truly great for everyone's morale. 
The 4th track on the EP "JUNE 5TH / QueenZnGodZ" is an undeniably powerful statement. Once again, speaking out about the injustice done to Black people in this country, Wale introduces the effects that this has on mental health and what children have to witness on TV and in real life. Through vivid lyrics, Wale leaves us with thought-provoking revelation comparing the devil to America. The calming beats allow for his powerful message to be heard clearly. The pain in his voice echoes notions of perseverance and inspiration. There is an unexpected yet beautiful transition in the middle, where Wale begins to talk about queens. Here, we see a romantic side of Wale as we witness his poetic words leave his soul, giving us a higher version of an elevated love. 
On "SHIT DON'T STOP," Wale makes 1 minute and 38 seconds feel very powerful. Having light yet authentic beats, we hear the pitch of Wale's raw soul very distinctly. This is certainly soul music, as the words he sings and raps quickly become food for the soul. In the lyric, "I'm still here because somebody probably prayed for me," we can feel the pain but also underlying faith in his voice. Although short, the weight of Wale's lyrics will move you to the core.
Press play and pay attention to the messages. Then, use the words as inspiration to continue the movement for "Black Lives Matter" so that we can keep demanding for the necessary changes that must take place in the system. 
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