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BLOODHYPE's "Delicate Creature" is blissful pop nostalgia

With much of the world in an unprecedented creative limbo, Berlin-based alt-rock quartet BLOODHYPE are using their time away from their tireless touring schedule to reflect on their envelope-pushing sound. “These days, we miss the Berlin nights and their inspiration” states guitarist Erik, “we miss the spontaneous encounters with friends and strangers”.

Investing much of this newly found time into songwriting, they eagerly entered Berlin's iconic Hansa Studios and emerged with a hit - their second single of 2020, "Delicate Creature."

With a music video that captures this magic like lightning in a bottle, frontman Elmar Weyland beams as the exuberant guitar riff sets an infectious rhythm against the steadfast bass and drums. Subtle guitars color the stripped-back first iteration of the chorus with a pensive melancholy, as the verse returns to maintain the track's effortless dynamism.

The appeal of "Delicate Creature" is clear from the get-go, but from the second chorus onwards, they achieve nothing short of pop-rock anthemia. Further layers flesh out the mix into a harmonious wall of sound that's impossible to not get swept up in, and just as the energy crescendos, the unforgettable aforementioned riff brings you back down to earth.

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