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blackwave. turns up the heat on sleek new video for "ARP299"

If you haven’t yet experienced some fiery Belgian hip-hop, look no further than blackwave. The duo of rapper Jay Atohoun and singer-producer Willem Ardui first started collaborating in 2016 online and began releasing some amazing, unique music that culminated in their debut LP from last year ARE WE STILL DREAMING? The two have returned with a stylish new video for the hard-hitting track “ARP299,” a project that is a continuation of their video for the mellower track “Bittersweet Baby,” completing the two-part visual story written by Heleen Declerq and Yaqine Hamzaoui.

The video begins where the previous one left off with a young bicyclist slowly making his way through a dark tunnel to the tune of a soul ballad before encountering blackwave. just as the beat drops for “ARP299.” The music immediately elevates the energy with a booming beat, tasteful horn samples, and slick vocal delivery. The track follows the cosmic theme of ARE WE STILL DREAMING? with a message of exploring faraway galaxies to escape everyday life. The song’s title references such a galaxy, one that is 134 million light-years away. The engaging, dreamy shots in the video enhance the already bombastic music on “ARP299” to prove that blackwave. is absolutely a group to watch moving forward.

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