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Landalin serves fast bars and teeth clenching visuals on “Cavity” [Video]

Missouri based rapper, Landalin successfully executes Midwest-style chopper rap on his latest single, “Cavity.”  The accompanying video brings his swift verses and offbeat style to life with the rapper portraying both a delusional dentist and a scared patient.

“Cavity” shows an ominous side of Landalin as an artist, calling out the metaphorical decay known as his haters. The single boasts hometown shout outs and jabs at dumbing down verses for clout. This is a new approach from the emerging rapper. On previous releases, listeners have heard his potential and experienced his energy. On this release, Landalin takes his potential to the next level by demanding respect and showing a newfound confidence.

From the branding to the articulate visuals, the release of “Cavity” has been well-marketed and highly anticipated. Landalin gives strong verses followed by a catchy hook but provides fans with well-rounded content creation. Despite dropping a short EP along with the single, this track and music video are strong enough to stand alone.

Landalin has the lyrical talent and a unique sound, but his natural act for performance truly makes him stand out. The music video also highlights his ability to create an appealing aesthetic. His charisma and authentic swagger are felt through each scene. Landalin isn’t just a rapper on the come up, he’s an arising artist.

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