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Gabi Garbutt returns with new single "Genet's Journey"

Gabi Garbutt, a UK-based artist who resides in West London, returns today with the mellow "Genet's Journey." Drawing on an array on influences, the single is quintessential modern British indie rock. 

Experimenting with synths throughout this new single, Garbutt provides a result as rewarding as expected. With warm tones from her sleek vocals, "Genet's Journey" is a flutter of melodious guitar rhythms and earthy drum beats. The buoyancy of this single is a slight step away from the soul-punk trajectory she seems to have been on, yet it's a refreshing sound that showcases an artist in the middle of a sonic evolution.

Of the single, Garbutt notes, “I see this song as a journey through the mind and body with Jean Genet, guiding you through the arteries and veins as well as illuminating your memories, joys and fears.  The human body in the song belongs to anyone you’re connecting with; finding the commonalities in your experience of being human.”

Garbutt's music makes you feel whole – and that is what makes her truly mesmerizing. There's hints of early aughts indie rhythms throughout that make the songs feel cozy and familiar, like coming home after a long day at work. Kick your shoes off, grab a cuppa and unwind with Gabi Garbutt. 

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Indie · U.K.


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