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Besomorph unites with Salvo for the darkly cinematic "84"

To say that German bass music powerhouse Besomorph is on a hot streak would be an understatement. We've heard eight stratospheric singles from him thus far this year, and alongside the release of his latest, "84," comes the announcement of even more music. He outlines on social media, "From now on, every other week, until September you'll have a new release by me. I've been working so much, I will not stop. I love making and releasing music so much, it fulfills me every day."

Known for his particularly dark take on all things bass, he sounds more ominous than ever on the truly foreboding "84." Uniting with vocalist Salvo, her icy vocals are a dutiful accompaniment to the richly textured atmosphere, as she crafts a compelling narrative atop the steadfast drums of the cinematic introduction. It wouldn't be a Besomorph track without a frenetic change of energy, which comes by virtue of a stomping arrangement of brooding arpeggios, bone-rattling bass and atypical rhythms.

Much like the novel that the title alludes to, the track sonically crafts visions of a dystopian future, a true testament to his skills as a producer. Besomorph outlines, "This song came straight out of our hearts, reflecting a dark experience that most of us went through."

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