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Johnny Pe drops two-sided "Testers" EeP

Emerging Nashville soul singer Johnny Pe shares his first release Testers. Perfectly named, the two-track bundle intertwines smooth vocals with brash lyricism. Comprised of both two new singles and a visual, the new project puts Pe's vocal abilities to the test. 

By releasing two contrasting singles, Pe shows his artistic flexibility as he quickly journeys through two different narratives. The first single "White Chalk" is a slow and soulful ballad that narrates the life of a Black man navigating the streets. His narrative intricately blends with the riffs of the electric guitar. The accompanying visual produced by Bapt, is a vivid interpretation of his lyrics. The second single "Recipe" is a luxurious, bass-heavy cut backed with boastful bars. The upbeat song is the perfect balance to the serious and melancholic "White Chalk".

Wanting to bring another side to Music City other than country music and line dancing, Pe took his time to recreate what life is like in the shadows of Nashville. Testers is his way of bringing notice to the other side of town. Check out the singles above. 

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