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J.Lamotta shares visuals for her song "Hope So"

Israeli/Moroccan artist and producer J.Lamotta's previous EP Suzume portrayed her chiefly as a  jazz infusion act, and now, she offers something different on her new release titled "Hope So." The song is a pure R&B offering with a tinge of hip-hop showcasing Lamotta's versatility and more importantly her incredible vocal range and style.

Birthed out of her own heartrending experience in a tumultuous relationship, Lamotta doesn't miss a step and delivers a hopeful account of the situation over the bouncy guitar-laden beat. It's a short glimpse into what she went through and how she tried to salvage it but alas she had to push on.


The Noa Biron-directed video is quite interesting and makes use of several set pieces and backdrops that help translate the emotions to the screen without being forced. It is very performance-focused and follows Lamotta freewheeling across her neighborhood. The mood captured here ranges from happy to downcast and viewers could actually see a pained expression on her face which kind of makes sense and represents the good and bad times. The video could have gone the most obvious route of using a male protagonist but the use of emotive visual imagery makes it more unique with a conclusive ending. 

"Hope So" is taken from her upcoming Brand New Choice EP.

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