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Jean Tonique jumps on NICOLAAS' summer-kissed "Never Too Late" for a funk-heavy remix

Canada's NICOLAAS has been steadily dipping his toes in a variety of creative projects ever since his solo debut in 2019. Playing around with nuanced house sounds, remixing for other artists, and even putting together a mix for Kistuné Musique have all occupied the better part of his year. So when it came to creating the perfect summer anthem, he got a little help from French producer Jean Tonique, who remixed his latest release "Never Too Late" into the groovy single it always deserved to be.

Ripened for top-down drives and late night moods, Tonique's remix breathes the much-missed club life back into the track. Everything from the pacing bass to the funky guitar riffs evokes visions of low-lit rooms, shuffling feet, and the collective feeling of invincible youth. Those visions may have to remain just that for the foreseeable future, but NICOLAAS and Tonique do an impeccable job of turning restlessness into unwavering satisfaction. While the track's butter smooth melody slows everything down to a relaxed heartbeat, it's Australian singer Maribelle's breathy vocals that peel back every layer of fear, doubt, or anxiety you may still be holding onto. That's when the liberated synths chime in, urging you to move your body in time with their excited chants. It's an exhilarating experience, even if it can only be felt inside your own mind. 

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