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Uruguay finds more than just a “Whisper” of beauty

Moving to Los Angeles was a transition for electronic duo Uruguay that was not without its challenges. After band members and partners Stephany Murphy and Benjamin Dawson-Sivalia struggled to find where they fit in among a city of isolated cliques, the two quickly began longing for their home in New York’s East Harlem. Their latest single “Whisper” details the moment that all changed. Showcasing soulful vocals gliding atop eclectic instrumentation, you can feel the magnetic spark of excitement as they finally discover the underlying charm on the city of angels. The coy track focuses on the hesitation you may feel when you first like someone, but the deep euphoria when you know they like you back. That is exactly how they felt coming to Los Angeles.

Though getting used to life in Los Angeles took some adjusting, their life in New York didn’t come without its own trials as well. The couple both had big aspirations. Dawson-Sivalia’s goal was to be a music producer and Murphy a model, but both struggled just to get by. Luckily they were able to find solace in a bakery on Frederick Douglas and 117th. Murphy reveals in her press release, “The woman behind the counter fed us and helped us get through. We finally asked where she was from... She answered: ‘Uruguay.’” After an act of kindness like that, it is no wonder the pair chose the band name they did. Their inspiring story resonates with us all. With effervescent production and evocative vocals, Uruguay delivers music that strikes an emotive chord with listeners. Check out the compelling duo on the rise now.

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