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Promis3 invite you to their "Simulated Paradise"

Expertly executing this cutting edge aesthetic are burgeoning Belgian alt-pop duo Promis3, who return with the euphoric "Simulated Paradise." Futuristic pop is in a very interesting place right now, with an aesthetic that's fast-rising to the top and impacting pop far and wide. This "know-it-when-you-see-it" aesthetic incorporates elements from the likes of Y2K rave culture, sci-fi, retro CGI, a healthy amount of neon and a tech-heavy focus, with examples as broad as Bring Me the Horizon's collaboration with Grimes, much of the PC Music movement, and recently, even Lady Gaga's exploits.

Arpeggiating soft synths, crisp vocals and a thumping beat establish the vividly colourful, synthetic world they craft with each release. The track's arrangement mimics the formula of a dance track, building a palpable tension towards the drop, one that takes cues from the trance world and salubriously fits into their visionary pop aesthetic.

The duo outline in the email press release, "This record is about how it would be possible to escape your fears and reality, by diving into a simulation which would act as a digital utopia. The underlying message is about depression and the weight that daily life brings upon us. It’s something we think is also relatable right now for so many people in lockdown all over the world." A relatable concept indeed, and Promis3's offer of a momentary escape may just be the exact thing you need right now.

Connect with Promis3: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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