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ZAAY releases new fiery single "Pill"

The Lawrence, Massachusetts emcee ZAAY spills his soul on the new fiery track "Pill." 

Locking in with his friend and producer during the recent pandemic, he has continually worked on finalizing his upcoming EP The Leak Tape, which will be released sometime in early June. "Pill" is the first single to drop from that EP. Filled with powerful lyricism that touches our souls, we are able to feel the rawness that encapsulates the honest songwriting style of ZAAY. Every single sparks an emotion that awakens our senses allows us to experience the poetic messages of love. The juxtaposition between his calm yet assertive voice creates an added dimension toe ht track. The laid back beats create a dream-like atmosphere, creating feelings of serenity the wash over the listener. Press play and you can hear the authenticity that exudes out of this "Pill."

Connect with ZAAY: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 



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