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Jen Kalicharan shines bright on "GLAM"

Vancouver-bred singer-songwriter Jen Kalicharan is a woman of many talents. Her newest release "GLAM," sees the solo act deliver a stunning pop-infused R&B cut. As a young singer trying to thread the perilous entertainment industry, it's often easy to get swayed or derailed by undesirable elements but Kalicharan has found her lane. The glam portrayed in this track finds her reaching the apex of her potential despite all the challenges she has faced.

"GLAM" sees Kalicharan's catchy pop melodies layered over a lush synth-driven production. The singer sure delivers the goods in doses as the beat builds up into a frenzy explosion at the chorus. Nothing is overdone here and the smooth melding of classic pop with R&B and hip-hop works like a charm here.
"GLAM" is Jen Kalicharan's fourth release since she started her musical journey in 2019 and she is currently working on a handful of singles, so stay connected with the links below.

Connect with  Jen Kalicharan: Spotify | Apple Music | Soundcloud | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Hip-Hop


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