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Swiss collective Sirens Of Lesbos share the groovy "How Many Miles"

Switzerland's worldbeat collective Sirens of Lesbos share their new groovy single "How Many Miles." Their genre-defying sounds are supremely comforting, treating our ears to only the most prestige global sounds.

Layered upon an addictive pairing of bold keys and a hearty bass rhythm, vocalist sisters Jasmina and Nabyla Serag provide the blissful narrative. "How Many Miles" is a soulful delight, capturing the sounds of a collective well versed in the dynamics of interweaving pre-existing genre boundaries. With an array of singles taking different paths musically, "How Many Miles" unearths hints of a 70s disco vibe. Its carefree melodies built with a number of sonic textures makes for an intriguing listen. Inspired by the likes of D'Angelo to Rosalia to Van Morrison, the collective's consumption of a variety of cultural sounds from across the world has truly influenced their ever-changing, glorious musicality. 

Connect with Sirens of Lesbos: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter



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