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Genevieve Stokes knows what you're feeling in new single “Lonely and Bored”

Have you ever experienced when a song just lands at your feet at the most fitting moment? Either it’s impeccable timing of release during relevant events, or maybe, it’s because the artist has a knack for lyricism. This knack expands beyond its breadth in the moment, taking on a life in each new listen. Such is the case with Portland, Maine’s Genevieve Stokes newest single. I don’t have to explain why the title of “Lonely and Bored” fits within these last few months for the world, but there’s also a much deeper magic going on here.

At 18 years old, Stokes has the ability to construct a song that you don't tire of after several listens. I’ve written about her before, but I return because each song strikes differently. “Lonely and Bored” starts slow and steady, and at the pre-chorus, you’re hit with softer vocal harmonies that are reminiscent of an Alicia Keys pop style. I suggest noise-cancelling headphones, because it’s possible to hear and feel every instrument, each growing bolder as the song continues.

Stokes can still tap into that “coming of age” inspiration that many cannot. This single is about feeling detached, out of sync with ourselves and our emotions. That’s a trouble we do face at 18, but it’s also an experience that transcends decades, touches all ages. Stokes says the single is about a certain time in her past, but it’s also relevant now. Like I mentioned before, the song hits at a perfect moment. “Time keeps moving faster,” she sings. “Can’t control what happens after.” Yes, I feel that, especially now. A true strength in songs is how they affect people, and how they make listeners feel understood. Lonely, bored, detached, whatever it is, Stokes certainly gets it. 

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