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Rainsford enlists Kaia Gerber and Gregg Sulkin for the Cara Delevingne directorial debut of "Crying In The Mirror" [Video]

Singer-songwriter Rainsford shares the foibles of her emotional coping mechanism through an intoxicating blend of synth-pop melodies and electro-soul ballads in her latest single "Crying In The Mirror." The accompanying music video features an all-star cast of Kaia Gerber and Gregg Sulkin, along with a directorial debut from Cara Delevingne

The delightful '80s bedroom synth-pop and gentle vocals in "Crying In The Mirror" add a glimmer of comfort to the vulnerable confessions of emotional processing. And this is where the pop star truly shines. While the modern-day siren lulls you in with her unguarded lyricism, brilliant production in the snappy chorus quickly adds an unavoidably catchy dance pop element that leaves you fully enraptured.

Rainsford has never been shy to imprint a part of her own raw experiences into her songwriting. When discussing the deeper meaning behind the track, Rainsford shared, “I’ve been overly sensitive and emotional since I was a little kid. I have a tendency to hold things in and bottle them up, because I’m too shy to say when I’m hurt. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone else; however, I have this weird self-indulgent thing I do sometimes to cope when I’m in pain – I watch myself cry in the mirror. " And to capture that very personal emotion and express it in a form an outsider can then somehow feel themselves without having gone through the specific experience is a goal for many artists. Through the songwriting process for "Crying In The Mirror" it seemed Rainsford unknowingly tapped into a deeper emotional expression experienced by many others. "After writing this song and sharing it with my friends, I’ve found a lot of other girls do that too.” 

The accompanying music video, directed by actress and model Cara Delevingne, portrays the experience of reconciling with one's own method of emotional expression following a heartbreak. The soft light of the video sort of captures the distance our hearts instantly place on the fond (and sometimes not so fond) memories of a past lover. The shift between Rainsford and actress Kaia Gerber crying in the mirror play on the psyche of internal dialogue separating ourselves from the person in those memories. It also provides a beautiful sense of commonality for anyone else who may have starred down the flood walls of heartbreak in a mirror until the moment they finally allow the rush of emotion to flood over them. Rainsford continued, “I wrote ‘Crying In The Mirror’ after a break up essentially begging my ex to get back together. Which we did briefly, but it didn’t last and I’m thankful for that now. I really love the music video as I got to work and create with some of my dearest and most talented friends. Cara Delevingne directed the video, and Kaia Gerber and Gregg Sulkin are starring in it. I wanted it to be a '90s soap opera version of my life. We shot it in my home and in my clothes, while playing out what really happened leading up to the song being written. It’s all very personal and honest." <

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So lucky to make my directorial debut on such an incredible song by my friend @rainsford and starring @kaiagerber @greggsulkin . Feeling so proud of it and hope you enjoy! Link in bio. x

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Rainsford thrives in disarming listeners with passionate lyricism conveyed through catchy pop vocals that can shift the pace of a track at any moment's notice. "Crying In The Mirror" is out now via major music platforms or by visiting: https://spoti.fi/36sH4ll

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