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Ishani searches for humanity in a digital landscape on "Unkind Vibrations"

No conversation about the human psyche would be complete these days without mentioning the impact of technology. Our collective mental health has been affected like never before from interactions with the digital space, especially during a time of quarantine, and many of those exchanges, as Ishani has put it, can lead to “Unkind Vibrations.” The new single from the singer-songwriter and producer currently based in London is an elegant, foreboding track with a nostalgic groove and powerful lyrics that will make listeners examine their own relationship with the online world.

With shades of 90s hip-hop in its production, the gentle boom bap feel of “Unkind Vibrations” offers an aptly punchy musical backdrop for Ishani’s sleek vocals that periodically blossom into gorgeous harmonized phrases as she sings about the dangers of negative vibes from the world of social media. With help from rapper Steezo’s stylish verse, Ishani communicates a sense of vulnerable resolve, acknowledging the incessant lure of online socializing while being steadfast in cultivating her own natural self worth. These themes, along with lyrics like, “I’m on a visual diet / I stay away from the news,” are messages that we could all benefit from following, pairing with Ishani’s otherworldly production for an engrossing piece of music.

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Alt-Pop · Feature · R&B · Trip-Hop


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