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Jack Conway makes it "Easy" to fall in love with his indie-pop sound

The 24-year-old Jack Conway releases his new graceful pop single "Easy." Through passionate vocals, he makes falling in love with this song feel authentically easy. 
"Easy" is the perfect title for such a simple yet heartfelt tune. It is undeniably a delightful break from some of the complexities that life has to offer. The beauty of simplicity that is present in both the underlying music and the lyrics leave us feeling full yet simultaneously constantly wanting more. The dreamy background music is sonically pleasing being that it is filled with flourishes of light electric pop sounds and uplifting piano chords. The track creates an illusion of escaping reality even if it is just for a few minutes. His impassioned voice delivery so perfectly lands straight in our hearts, comforting and calming us. Through the songwriting, Conway intelligently makes metaphorical connections to love while powerfully expressing his true feelings. 
Connect with Jack Conway: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram 


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