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Flowdan and Jammz evoke the "Savage" spirit

Infamous Roll Deep MC Flowdan is back with his lead single "Savage"  which sees him teaming up with grime pirate radio king Jammz. The self-produced track is Flowdan keeping to his roots from the dark gritty sounds and unfiltered lyrics that made grime acts standout from the rest of the pack. On the track, Flowdan takes all his life experiences to treat the listener to a mix of insightful lyrics and that street edgy energy from his days as a member of grime crew Roll Deep and the Pay As U Go Cartel. 

Built on lush gloomy synths, cinematic archs and lush guitars, "Savage" exudes the classic grime sound peppered with a stark reminder of how the mean streets would gobble you up if you lack the gall to stand up for yourself. These elements culminate in an explosive frenzy as Fowdan and Jammz formidable vocals and distinctive flows turns grittiness into a huge dose of a wake-up call. Flowdan lets the listener know that life is not a walk in the park and the importance of being prepared for whatever is thrown at you cannot be stressed enough. “Support yourself” he underlines, “it’s a savage land so you’ve got to be aware and be ready. Whatever it takes”. "Savage" is taken from his new body of work titled  The Red Pill EP. The EP boasts features from names like Snowman Baby, fellow Roll Deep member Roachee and more.

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