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You'll love Jon Swaii's new single so much that you'll "Come Back" for more

Jon Swaii returns with his new feverish single, "Come Back." This versatile rapper and producer from The Bronx, New York, has a unique style that quickly captures our full attention.

Jon Swaii undeniably shows his idiosyncrasy on "Come Back" regarding both the lyrics and the production. This is an exceptional song that brings his talents and emotions to the table, especially through his passionate delivery and his impeccable flow. Through the enthralling lyrics, he expresses the message that he dedicates to anyone who plays any kind of role in his life, including his lover. He yearns for reciprocation and that is evident in the music. Aside from the great lyrics, the intriguing beats are captivating due to the use of the unconventional sounds in combination with the piano, whose keys are distinctively played in order to create a unique beat. 
Connect with Jon Swaii: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter 


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