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Madeaux and Jace Mek delivers a demonic cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer"

It is always hard to do covers for classic songs, as the audiences' expectation has been set so high. Madeaux and Jace Mek just drop a sinister rework of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer," offering us an alternative outlook to the polyphonic original. 

Employing Madeaux's own sultry vocal to set the tone for the upcoming bursting climax, the duo fashions an avant-garde mid-tempo number with an unashamedly steamy vibe. Compared to the original, the rework doubles down on the funkiness with its rousing basslines and unexpected rhythm. Funk and dark may seem like an odd combination, but they pull it off with style, leaving no room for you to escape. There are never too many layers going on at the same time but the overall aesthetic proves less is definitely more. In Madeaux's own word via a statement on email, the vision is to "bring something new to the equation that complements the spirit of the original work" and by stripping the track down, the two producers bring us an innovative, dancefloor-friendly cover that we didn't know we needed

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