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Whiterosemoxie releases new powerful album 'White Ceilings'

Whiterosemoxie, a 17-year-old artist born and raised in Detroit, drops his new album White Ceilings. His strong lyricism and impactful messages that are nothing less than mind-blowing, especially because to his young age.  

"Mio" is an extremely powerful track. Through the perfect blend of lyricism and sounds, he proves that he is here to stand out, especially when it comes to his word play. His soul-wrenching raw emotion is present in all of his lyrics is captivating. Intelligently building up the intensity, the flow of the album is an adrenaline rush, with the powerful beats and the deep breaths that he takes after a few verses allow this to happen.
Another track that demonstrates this artist's inherent gift is "Go." With piano keys setting the tone for the entire single, we are uniquely serenaded by his rapping. Through the expressive lyrics, this artist is naturally able to connect with anyone who turns on this song. His self-belief is beautiful and we can find ourselves motivated by everything that this artist has created so far.
Creating a vibe that is undoubtedly sonically pleasing, White Ceilings keeps our attention all the way through. 
Connect with Whiterosemoxie: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter 




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