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King Magnetic take shots at Vinnie Paz on "Be Quiet"

It's hunting season for veteran hip-hop act King Magnetic and the unfortunate prey is Army Of The Pharaohs founder Vinnie Paz. Truth be told, they have had issues in the past but things didn't go out of pocket until quite recently when Paz threatened to remove his lyrics and track contributions from Doap Nixon’s Sour Diesel II unless Doap removed King Magnetic’s verses from the project. This situation forced King Mag to take police action and unleashed this scathing jam to force his opponent to "Be Quiet."

With a heavy snarling Teddy Roxpin production as his backdrop, King Magnetic unleashes a flurry of rhymes at his opponents while explaining exactly why the track came to be. He doesn't hold any punches from the jump and questions Paz's status as a rap pioneer starting from his name (which he took from a boxer) to his overbearing tendencies with regards to his groups (AOTP and Jedi Mind Tricks).  From Paz’s family life to his rap career, nothing is safe from the wrath of King Mag’s bars on “Be Quiet.” While his core message is that no one actually respects Paz for his fraudulence, “using your fam” and stealing their work, there are also hard-hitting lines like: “Post pictures of your guns and your son/ In reality you know you ain't playing with either one.”

Get the single on all DSPs here.

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1 year ago

King Magnetic is trash. "As Above So Below" is GOD MODE.


[…] King Magnetic's new release "How It All Started" takes us back to the good old days before his rap career. The song is part of Mag's ongoing #weeklyvibes2020 series that showcases different parts of the lyrical bruiser and on this one, he recruits producer DJ E.REX to handle the boards while his longtime collaborator and friend GQ Nothin Pretty help out with the hook on the chorus. Magnetic shares more than a handful of stories from his past over DJ E.REX's brassy production while doing a quick rundown of some main events that shaped his life. With GQ handling chorus duties, it all blends seamlessly to give the song a strong throwback vibe, all without sounding dated or contrived. […]